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How fast do we pay GAP insurance claims?

A number of our competitors make a song and dance about how they guarantee to settle claims within X number of days… recently we’ve had a motor dealer tell one…

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FREE GAP insurance for £824?!

We’re often telling people to be wary of a Motor Dealer offering Free GAP insurance. In return we’re often laughed at by people who believe we’re just being alarmist with…

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Vehicle Damage

The Perils Of New-For-Old Cover

It’s now becoming fairly common knowledge that many car insurance policies incorporate New-For-Old cover for a brand new vehicle until it reaches 12 months old.  In principal this means that…

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Improved Replacement GAP Insurance

Improved Replacement GAP Insurance Policies.

In the event of your vehicle being declared a Total Loss (written off) due to accident, fire or theft, your Motor Insurer will only pay you what they think the…

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Revive GAP insurance

Renewable 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 Year GAP Insurance Policies!

In what we believe is genuinely a UK first for GAP insurance, we’re formally announcing today that if you buy a 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5-year Invoice or Replacement…

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Click to see the comparison of our Gap Insurance policies against those of our competitors.

UPDATED – How Do Our Gap Insurance Policies Compare to those from our competitors?

We are repeatedly asked how our policies compare to those available from our competitors and whilst we know our policies (and most of our competitor’s policies) inside out, we recognise…

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On August 22nd, we updated our report detailing how our GAP insurance policies compare to those available from each of our online competitors.  In the report, we highlighted the fact…

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Association of British Insurers

ABI publishes their (confusing?) “Guide To Making Sense of Gap Insurance”

Today we were alerted to the fact that the ABI (Association of British Insurers) had recently published a “Guide To Making Sense Of Gap Insurance“. Given the recent wider industry…

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Which? Recognise

In March 2012, the consumer’s champion Which? published a guide to Gap Insurance. Their guide compared some basic policy features of a number of policies from various online providers of…

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Gap Insurance Sale Extended until the end of April. Save up to 60%

Sale Extended to April 30th!

Following on from the recent improvements we made to our Gap Insurance policy terms and conditions, we were inundated with requests to extend our sale (providing Gap Insurance savings of…

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