Have Your Child Design Our Christmas Facebook Cover Photo And They Could Win Up To £100

Christmas 2014 Cover Photo Competition.It’s simple really.  We were considering what to do with our Facebook cover photo over Christmas this year and we were faced with designing something ourselves (and we’re not very good) or paying someone to do it for us.  But then some bright-spark (that would be me) suggested that maybe we could make it a little more interesting and make someone’s Christmas that extra bit special in the process.

So, here it is.  Have your child design our Facebook Cover Photo and they could win one of three prizes:

1st place – Their entry used as our cover photo over Christmas PLUS £100 Christmas spending money.
2nd place – £50 Christmas spending money
3rd place – £25 Christmas spending money

Round 1.

The first round of the competition starts at 00:01 (am) on 26th November and runs until 12th December 2014 at 23:59 (pm).  During this round we’ll accept entries via our online entry form only.  Once you’ve submitted an entry, you need to get 5 or more people to vote (Like) your entry via Facebook.  At the end of the first round, all images that have 5 or more votes (Likes) will automatically qualify for round 2.

Why 5 likes?  Well, we want to make it fair for latecomers to the competition who may otherwise be handicapped by entering the competition late and not being able to quickly gain as many likes as an entry that’s been in the competition longer.  We think that it should be relatively for most entries to quickly achieve 5 likes thus qualifying for round 2.

Round 2.

The second round of the competition starts at 00:01 (am) on 15th December and runs until 19th December 2014 at 23:59 (pm). During this round, we’ll be asking all of our customers, Facebook fans, Twitter followers and everybody else we can think of to vote for their favourite design.  Clearly, you should get your friends & family (and their friends & family etc etc) to vote for (“Like”) your child’s entry too.

At the end of round 2, the competition ends and the design with the most votes (Likes) wins!

For full details of the competition please click here or click the image above.